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If you’re interested in recording or mixing music, have a professional or home studio, you’ll need to have a good set of studio speakers to monitor your mixes. There are lots of options on the market today, and we’ve gone out of our way to review a wide selection of them and present to you our recommendations at a range of price points. The truth is that in today’s market we are spoilt for choice, a quality set of studio speakers simply doesn’t cost have to cost the earth. In fact, for only a few hundred dollars you can purchase a great set of studio speakers.

Reviews of the Best Studio Speakers

If you are just starting out and setting up a home recording studio, you are probably best purchasing a set of budget studio speakers, you can read reviews about a couple of our favourites including the KRK Rokit 5 G3s or the JBL LSR 305s. Both of these monitors represent excellent value for money and are enough to get you well and truly into mixing.  It’s worth pointing out that the original standard in nearfield studio monitoring, the Yamaha NS10, was never actually intended for studio monitoring duties, and didn’t actually sound very good, but ended up finding a home in nearly every major commercial recording studio for decades (you can read more about this speaker and it’s successor on the Yamaha HS7 Review page). The budget model KRKs and JBLs can be arguably just as good at showing up the flaws in your mixes, but also feature the convenience of improved bass response and an internal amplifier.

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However, don’t make the mistake in thinking that a poor-quality set of speakers will make a good set of studio monitors.  What is important with studio speakers is not how pleasing the sound is, but more so whether they highlight any flaws in your mix. There are so many poor quality speakers on the market that are simply not good studio speakers, you are far better off buying a set of speakers designed specifically for the purpose than trying to make your computer speakers or home Hi-Fi speakers do what they simply aren’t designed to do. You will end up with much better sounding mixes that translate better across a range of sound systems if you use the right monitors for the job .


As your mixing capabilities improve you’ll no doubt want to consider upgrading to a better pair of monitor speakers, and there are just so many great choices on offer.  You may wish to take a look at the KRK VXT6 Review and the Yamaha HS7 Review for information about some of our favourites.  If you can’t produce great mixes with these studio speakers, then don’t go blaming your monitors!  These speakers are found in famous musicians, engineers and producer’s studios, as well as many commercial studios (the Yamaha in particular), and are essentially pro-quality items.

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Up from there you start to get into the lower-end offerings of some of the best-known studio speaker brands.  However, one of the stand-out products comes from a relatively new company. Take a look at the Adam A7X Review for our view on a very impressive product, at any price.

To achieve great monitoring in your studio environment it’s worth considering speaker placement and room acoustic treatment. In fact, a big limitation of studio speaker performance relates to how your room sounds.  If you are thinking of spending big dollars on expensive monitors (such as for some of the Best Pro Speakers), make sure you put some thought into positioning and room acoustics if you want to get value for money.

We hope you learn a lot from our reviews spanning a broad range of quality studio speakers, and please feel free to leave us a comment as you work your way through our site.