Pro Audio Maker Mackie Reengineers MR Series Studio Monitors

Here’s good news for modern musicians, producers, engineers and content creators who have transformed their bedrooms and garages into powerful home studios. The MR Series Powered Studio Monitors from leading audio equipment brand Mackie by LOUD Technologies have been redesigned to suit such settings and match home studio requirements.

Featuring “the best studio monitor technology” and “acoustic tuning” that “take everything you know about MR to the next level,” the revamped MR Series studio monitor line-up consists of the 5″ MR524, 6.5″ MR624, and 8″ MR 824 models. It also includes the 10″ MR10S Powered Studio Subwoofer for extended bass response and powerful low-end reinforcement for any music or mix. Click here for a comprehensive review of the original Mackie MR10s studio subs.

Performance-enhancing Features at Affordable Prices

The redesigned MR studio monitor series is reminiscent of the HR and XR Series designs—only with better-than-ever fidelity, accuracy and clarity.

Equipped with the logarithmic waveguide, the new series ensures “an ultra-wide listening sweet spot and enhanced stereo imaging.” Plus, the integrated Acoustic Space Control and HF Filters allows for easy optimization of frequency response, including flat response when necessary.

The Acoustic Space Control feature comes with three settings to easily adjust to monitor placement, taking into consideration its proximity to walls and corners. It ensures accurate mixing without cutting across frequencies or deceiving boosts. The refreshed range also has a high-frequency EQ control feature that may be adjusted to ensure accurate room response.

Each of the redesigned MR Series studio monitors also comes with an Acoustic Isolation Pad that may be detached from the desk or stand for more accurate performance and more precise sound.

Signature Mackie Look and Features

Along with Mackie’s array of loudspeakers, digital recording equipment and mixing consoles, the MR Series has enjoyed immense popularity among users for years. The studio monitors are lauded for their easy-to-use applications as well as solid, timeless design and professional sound quality.

Durable, long-lasting and fit for any studio type, the revamped MR Series still impresses with its signature Mackie wood cabinet design. It comes with the custom-designed internal bracing for added stiffness and reduced distortion. Each of the redesigned studio monitors has retained its superior sound-lightening acoustic absorption material. All monitor models also come with flexibility inputs that allow for easy connection to nearly all audio sources.

The refreshed range of the MR Series is now available worldwide and sold individually at prices ranging from $209.99 to $559.99.

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