KRK Systems Launches V-Series 4 White Noise Studio Monitors

Having worked with and for sound professionals for years, KRK Systems know exactly what audio projects need: top-of-the-line sound equipment that exceeds expectations. Be it in a recording studio, a broadcast studio, a sound design or an audio production house, a groundbreaking set of studio monitors is indispensable.

KRK Systems unleashes the V-Series 4 White Noise Studio Monitors, the newest innovation for audio production applications where reproduction accuracy is a must. Looking immaculate in white, the V-Series 4 White Noise has the fundamental features of the KRK V4 4″monitor; only the pair is in the opposite colour. For a real-world perspective of how this new set of studio speakers should work using the most useful tools and with only minimal adjustments, KRK analyzed several monitor placement and room acoustic conditions.

Measuring 10.08″ x 6.54″ x 8.58″ and weighing 12.78 lbs or 5.8 kgs, it comes with an optimized front ported bass reflex enclosure design. The V4 S4 sports a KRK custom designed Kevlar tweeter and Woven Kevlar woofer with bi-amped Class-D amplification.

To ensure superior low and high control for personal preference and room/desk correction control, 49 DSP-driven EQ presets are in place. These 49 different EQ voicing combinations help correct a studio’s acoustics for more accurate monitoring. In addition, the V-Series 4 comes with a precise input level attenuation switch.

For optimum results using these features, the set-up must be started with the low control and high control switches set to L4 and H4 respectively, which is flat, no cut or boost and the -dB Level Attenuation on 0. After properly setting up the studio monitors and test the audio quality by trying a variety of placement positions before making the EQ adjustments for the best listening and monitoring experience.

The pair also comes with a standby, ground lift. A flip of this switch eliminates ground-related noise for a ground loop or raises the noise from other sources. An input sensitivity is also in place to be adjusted so they are compatible with most gears. The KRK logo LED selectors can also be set to dim to suit the studio’s ambient light.

For mobile broadcast applications, the new KRK studio monitors have an optional protective grille. Other features include a friction lock, Neutrik combo connector (XLR and TRS), an EVA foam pad for non-skid and acoustic isolation, and universal threaded mounting bracket points.

While the KRK V-Series 4 White Noise Studio Monitors feature the fundamentals that make it easy to do basic mix and tracking at home studios, it also houses advanced audio equipment features that allow for seamless, impeccable sessions to the main studio.

Before you decide on buying this new monitor, however, you might wanna check out its incredibly popular and highly-acclaimed cousin, the KRK Rokit 5 studio monitors.

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