KRK 10S Studio Subs Review

KRK subwoofers have been the trusted choice of many small and large studios for accurate low frequency monitoring for many years now, and the KRK 10S remains as one of the best subwoofers on the market today. The KRK 10S studio subs, which are the revamped version of KRK’s RP10 sub speakers, were released after the launch of KRK’s 2nd generation Rokit active monitors. They are regarded as the perfect compliment to the Rokit series, the KRK VXT, and any other studio monitors around 4 to 8”. Read on to find out why.

Features of the KRK 10S Studio Subs

The KRK 10s subwoofers are designed to extend the bass performance of a monitor system so the low frequencies of a mix or recording can be properly engineered. Boasting durable construction, the KRK10s have an MDF enclosure claimed to reduce phase incoherence which results from diffraction around the cabinet corners. Protecting the woofer is a sturdy grill that also adds to the subwoofer’s sleek appearance. The grill prevents damage to the woofer in case the sub is placed on the floor, such as by an accidental kick from underneath the studio desk.

These studio subs have a high-power amplifier claimed to have improved heat-sinking resulting in lower distortion even at higher levels. Unlike many of its competitors, the 10S subwoofers feature front-firing ports that reduces the bass coupling with walls and corners that results from having the ports on the rear of the cabinet. The front-firing ports, according to KRK, are optimized to minimize port turbulence.

Around the back of the cabinet there is a 50Hz to 130 Hz continuously variable low pass filter which is designed to blend it’s output with your monitoring system. Other features on the back include a volume control, RCA, 1/4” balanced/unbalanced, and XLR inputs, a ground-lift switch that allows users to break an earth loop if needed, a bypass footswitch that allows users to conveniently check their mixes with and without subwoofer, and the power switch.


The KRK 10S studio subs have satisfied plenty of audio professionals and home studio owners, easily acquiring its title as one of the best subwoofers on the market. It offers the low frequency extension most monitoring tasks require, and can put out plenty of bass info to extend the overall spectrum of a monitoring system. While it is not the deepest reaching subwoofer, it still goes very low and can easily reach down into the lower register. The 10S also offers a crisp response and is extremely smooth, tight and punchy. Bass instruments are more full with the 10S but not overblown. While the 10S is capable of shaking your entire home, it can also softly fill out the bottom end if you need to listen at a quieter level.

KRK10s Studio Subwoofer

According to many users, the KRK 10S studio subs perfectly complement their KRK Rokit 5, 6 and 8, and although it may not be better than many pricier alternatives, the KRK 10s continue to receive praise due to its excellent performance. It should also be noted, however, that the 10S may be bigger and heavier than you would expect a 10” subwoofer to be, so this should be taken into consideration if you have a tiny studio.

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Technical Specifications

Active/Passive: Active
Amplifier Class: Class D
Woofer: 10″ glass aramid composite
Frequency Response: 31Hz to 110Hz
Low Pass Frequency: 50Hz to 130Hz
Max Peak SPL: 117.2 dB
Power Output: 160 Watts Continuous @ 1% THD+N @44Hz
Input Impedance: 10 Ohms balanced or unbalanced
Phase: 0 or 180 degrees
Dimensions: 15″ (382mm) x 14″ (355mm) x 16.06″ (408mm)
Weight: 34.5 lbs (15.6 kg)

Other Feedback

If you just want a decent sub that tells you what you need to hear without adding problems (aside from the problems inherent in all subs), that has plenty of power and extension for critical listening or home music playback then look no further. I highly recommend it….

I love the build quality, very solid, and the little pad on the bottom is a nice touch, no worries about scratching the bottom of the sub and it also can act as a bit of isolation from the surface it’s on. I also really like the ability to use a latching footswitch to bypass the sub entirely for times when you need to monitor without all the low-end… I’m very happy with this sub and the low end sounds it’s allowing me to hear properly…


The KRK 10S studio subs are often considered as one of the best subwoofers for many reasons. Despite their reasonable price tag, they are able to provide excellent performance that some pricier alternatives can’t offer. The 10S sub speakers offer clean, accurate, smooth and punchy bass performance even at high SPLs, and its low pass filter provides users with flexible control. The 10S subwoofers are ideal for both recording and mixing applications in small studios, and are especially great for DJ or dance music production. Whether you’re just looking to upgrade the low end of your studio speakers or mixing in a 2.1 or 5.1 environment, the KRK 10S are a great choice and do not disappoint.

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9 Total Score
A Superb Subwoofer

The KRK10s has all the features and delivers dependable sonic performance.

  • Crisp, smooth and punchy low end
  • Great range
  • Front-ported to reduce room coupling
  • Bypass footswitch
  • N/A
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