Genelec 7050B Studio Subs Review

The Genelec 7050B are compact studio subs that fit nicely in small listening environments. Despite their small size, they are able to fulfill the demands of even the most difficult audio productions. Perfect for small home studios, the Genelec 7050B sub speakers would make a great addition to your current monitoring speaker system. While the 7050B works best with the Genelec 8010, 8020C and 8030B, they also work great with other studio monitors.

Founded in 1978, Genelec has built a solid reputation in the world of reference monitoring and has built various high quality studio speakers, including the Genelec M030 monitors that have made it to our list of the best monitor speakers. It is only fair for audio enthusiasts and professionals to have high expectations of the Genelec 7050B studio subs. But do they meet these expectations? Read on to find out more.

Features of the Genelec 7050B Studio Subs

Despite their compact size, the Genelec 7050B studio subs weigh heavier than expected, at 39.6 lbs. They feature a single, magnetically-shielded 8” low-frequency driver placed within a sophisticated black bass reflex cabinet and powered by a 70 Watt amplifier. According to the company, these studio subs extend the low frequency response down to 25Hz with amazing bass articulation, thanks to Genelec’s patented Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE) technology which ensures total precision and enhanced color-free bass capacity. This LSE technology apparently eliminates port turbulence-caused acoustic nonlinearities, providing a smooth sounding flow of bass energy from the sub’s enclosure. These sub speakers also have the ability to provide short term sine wave of 100db SPL in half space at 1 meter.

Even with their compact size, the Genelec 7050B subs fulfill the needs of 5.1 expectations—on the right side of the sub are 5 main input channels including the XLR inputs and outputs, as well as an LFE channel with 85/120Hz reproduction bandwidth selection. Other things you can find on the same side are the power cord connector, the power switch, the input sensitivity adjustment, and DIP switches that deliver LFE bandwidth adjustment, bass roll-off and phase switches.


The Genelec 7050B studio subs’ extremely high build quality is not the only impressive thing about them. For an 8” sub, the extension is quite good, plus the frequency response remains remarkably flat in its operating range. They provide more control of the low frequencies than merely using monitors alone.

Genelec 7050B sub speakersWhile the low pass filter slope is steep, the lowest setting is only about 80Hz, which means that an external filter will be necessary with a proper 2-channel use. There is also some distortion at higher than low listening levels, but if you’re mixing or mastering, listening at low levels is probably what you’d need to do, as too much bass could distort your mix.

Overall, the Genelec 7050B are great subwoofers and the cons are very minor compared to the benefits they offer. Users are generally satisfied with the 7050B’s performance, with some asserting that using them with the Genelec 8010, 8020C or 8030B is so much better than just using the monitors alone. The same is true for other models of monitors. These subwoofers help mixes translate perfectly from small home studios to larger studios with larger monitoring speaker systems.

Technical Specifications

Passive/Active: Active
Amplifier Class: n/a
Woofer: 8”
Frequency Response: 25Hz to 85Hz
Low Pass Frequency: n/a
Max Peak SPL: 100 dB
Power Output: 70 Watts
Input Impedance: 10K Ohms balanced
Phase: n/a
Dimensions: 16.1″ (410mm) x 13.7″ (350mm) x 12.5″ (319mm)
Weight: 39.6 lbs (16 kg)

Other Feedback

The 7050B’s bass was full and round — never muddy or excessively boomy… EMusician


So does the Genelec 7050B meet the audio world’s expectations? It’s a big yes! The Genelec 7050B studio subs are capable of delivering excellent performance where other subwoofers simply can’t fit. As the 7050B sub speakers are specially made for small listening environments, they would be the perfect addition to your home studio setup. It really is hard to go wrong with Genelec, and truth be told, the Genelec 7050B sub speakers are no exception.

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8 Total Score
A compact performer from Genelec

One of the smallest quality subs on the market.

  • High build quality
  • Frequency response is very flat
  • Extension is pretty good
  • Distortion at higher listening levels
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