Focal Sub 300 P Studio Subs Review

The Focal Sub 300 P studio subs are designed and built by French brand Focal, one of the leading manufacturers of high-fidelity speakers in the world. Focal is recognized for creating some of the world’s top studio monitors, including the Focal Alpha 80 studio speakers, the Focal CMS 65 monitors, and the Focal Twin6 B high end speakers. While the Sub 300 P was mainly designed to complement Focal’s Chorus speaker line, the company guarantees that it can still provide low-end support to any monitoring, home theater or stereo system. We at wanted to know if the Sub 300 P lives up to Focal’s reputation of creating high quality, top-performing products.

Features of the Focal Sub 300 P Studio Subs

The Focal Sub 300 P has a carefully thought out and innovative design developed and built at Focal’s own facilities in France.  Focal claims the company has total control over every aspect of the product, resulting in a superior and high quality subwoofer. It boasts an ultra-stiff MDF construction of around 1” in thickness with non-parallel sides that prevent unwanted distortion caused by standing waves and vibration. Despite the compact design, the Sub 300 P has an impressive 11” driver powered by a 300W RMS BASH amp. According to the company, since the driver is made from the lightweight yet sturdy Polyglass, the sub is able to respond quickly and barely produces any resonance, allowing for the production of deep, accurate low frequencies. Thanks to its down-firing aerodynamic port, the Sub 300 P sub speakers are claimed to provide deeper low-end with no dynamic compression.

Focal Sub 300 sub speakersThe Focal Sub 300 P studio subs offer individual controls for phase adjustment and adjusting the volume and crossover frequency. They provide a continuously variable low-pass filter that is adjustable from 40 to 160Hz. As for the Sub 300 P’s phase adjustment, you can adjust the phase between 0° and 180°. This could improve the bass performance if the low end sounds muddy.
These sub speakers come with easy connections as well; you can connect them to your receiver or other audio components through their left and right RCA line-level inputs or their dedicated LFE input.

One very useful feature of the Sub 300 P studio subs is the Auto On/Off, which will automatically switch the sub on or off by signal detection. This means that if there is no signal detected in 3 minutes, the sub will automatically enter standby mode. It will then switch back on once audio signal is detected.


The Focal Sub 300 P studio subs’ performance is what many people would call “just right.” Capable of delivering quick and tight bass without sounding overwhelming or too boomy, these subs will add that much needed dimension to any monitoring system. Nothing about the sound is off; in fact, the sound is excellent, clear and accurate, and will let you hear elements in your mixes that you may not have been able to hear before.

The subs speakers are a reasonable size, and they should fit as well as others in small home studios. Users have commented they like the Auto On/Off feature, as they no longer have to reach for the switch every time they have to turn it on or off.

Technical Specifications

Passive/Active: Active
Amplifier Class: Class D
Woofer: 11” Polyglass woofer
Frequency Response: 36Hz to 160Hz
Low Pass Frequency: n/a
Max Peak SPL: n/a
Power Output: 110-240Watts
Input Impedance: n/a
Phase: n/a
Dimensions: 16.5″ (420mm) x 12.7″ (325mm) x 14.9″ (380mm)
Weight: 33.6 lbs (15.2 kg)


The Focal Sub 300 P studio subs have proven to be excellent speakers that can help to bring out the best in your mixes. The provide clear, tight bass, will have you hearing things you thought weren’t there, and will allow you to make better-informed mixing decisions. They are just the perfect size for your home studio, and come with some useful features you definitely will appreciate. A great match for Focal studio monitors, these subs also do well with other high quality monitors. Thinking of upgrading your old monitors along with getting these subs? Here’s a list of the best studio monitors in 2017.

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9.5 Total Score
Focal's subwoofer does not disappoint

There is not much to complain about with Focal's bass offering.

  • Clear and excellent sound
  • Quick and tight bass
  • Not too big or heavy
  • n/a
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