Adam Audio Sub8 Studio Subs Review

Adam Audio is one of the biggest names in the world of manufacturing studio and monitor speakers. Founded in Berlin, they have been developing and distributing high quality loudspeakers since 1999 and have become known as the creator of some of the best studio monitors on the market, including the Adam A7X and Adam A77X monitors. But their genius doesn’t stop here. They have also developed some of the world’s best subwoofers, including the highly-praised Adam Audio Sub8 sub speakers. So what makes the Sub8 a coveted subwoofer? Read on to find out.

Features of the Adam Audio Sub8 Studio Subs

The Adam Audio Sub8 are compact yet powerful sub speakers designed for small studios of up to 20 meters, desktops and mobile facilities. Although they work best with the Adam AX-Series, Adam A7, S1A and S2A, S1X and S2X, F7, ANF10 and P11A, the company claims that they’re designed to extend the bass capabilities of any nearfield monitor down to 28Hz.

The Sub8 features an 8.5” woofer with paper diaphragm and a 1.5” voicecoil. It is powered by a 160W ICE Power amplifier, which is claimed to combine high performance with low heat generation to handle maximum power levels even during very long sessions. The front baffle has two motorized knobs that you can use to tailor the sub’s input level as well as the crossover frequency settings to achieve the best performance in your home studio. The knobs feature an easily visible green LED indicator, allowing you to verify movement and position visually.

The subwoofer comes with its own wireless remote control, which has four buttons for frequency and volume (up/down). These buttons control the movement of the sub’s motorized knobs, for cutoff frequency (50 to 150Hz) and input level (-60 to +6dB). A feature loved by many, the wireless remote will let you adjust your sound reproduction from your position, wherever it is in the room.

On the back are the connectors unbalanced RCAs and balanced XLRs for input, and RCA and XLR outputs for driving two satellites. There are also pushbutton switches for subwoofer polarity and an 85 Hz HPF for the satellites. The power switch is on the rear as well, but the studio subs have an auto-standby mode, allowing you to leave the power switch on.


The Adam Audio Sub8 studio subs deliver impressive performance that goes beyond the expectations of many users. No matter the genre of music, these sub speakers produce clean low frequencies that are very well balanced without giving you that muddy bass that gives your mixes a nasty sound. They sound great and offer fat, tight bass with amazing definition.

Adam Sub8 sub speakers in useUsers who have paired the Sub8 sub speakers with the Adam A7X and A7 are extremely happy with the Sub8 studio subs’ performance, with some saying that it’s the best system they’ve ever heard. Other users have noted that using the Sub8 has helped them make better mixing decisions, as they could finally hear things they could never hear before. They have also praised Adam for including the very convenient wireless remote which allows them to walk around the room to adjust the sound until it sounds good. The only small drawback is that the on/off switch is on the rear, which may be a bit hard to reach in some setups.

Technical Specifications

Passive/Active: Active
Amplifier Class: n/a
Woofer: 8.5” paper
Frequency Response: 28Hz to 150Hz
Low Pass Frequency: n/a
Max Peak SPL: 110 dB
Power Output: 160/240Watts
Input Impedance: 10K Ohms
Phase: n/a
Dimensions: 16″ (410mm) x 10″ (260mm) x 15″ (380mm)
Weight: 26.5 lbs (12 kg)

Other Feedback

Overall, I have not a single complaint with the Adam Sub 8 its priced accordingly and you get what you pay for anyways so its well worth the investment. I never really realized how much a difference a good quality sub would make until I started using these. You wont be disappointed with the ADAM Sub 8. It will give your music that clean low end you need and without giving it that muddy bass that will wobble and give your music a nasty sound… theaudioandvideoguy, audiofanzine


Easily one of the best subwoofers in the world today, the Adam Audio Sub8 studio subs deliver a performance that most subs aren’t capable of giving. Apart from having an excellent sound, they produce very clean and tight bass, helping audio enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world achieve the sound they desire for their mixes. Since they have a compact size, they would make a great addition to your monitoring system, especially if you have a small studio. And not only are they a great match for Adam monitors, they can also be used with monitors of other makers. These sub speakers truly do not disappoint.

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9.5 Total Score
Another great performer from Adam

Adam does not leave much to complain about with the Sub8

  • Great sound
  • Clean, tight bass
  • Remote volume control
  • Power switch on the rear
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