Adam A77X Monitoring Speaker Review

Adam’s speakers are revered by a huge number of engineers, producers, and artists from all over the world due to their high quality and performance.  Adam’s A7X monitoring speakers, the A77X’s smaller sibling, were voted the Best Studio Monitor on Sound on Sound for two consecutive years. So when the Adam A77X came out people had high expectations for its performance. has done a ton of research to determine whether or not the A77X could live up to the high expectations already set from the professional audio community.  Read on to find out what we’ve found.

Features of the Adam A77X monitoring speakers

The Adam A77X’s cabinet is a bass reflex design featuring dual 7” woofers and dual front panel ports. A three-way active monitor, the A77X is equipped with many of the same innovative technologies as the Adam A7X, making the two very similar. The A77X, however, is claimed to have much higher compression-free maximum sound pressure levels and dynamics. Due to its power and radiation characteristics, it is said to be suitable for both near and midfield studio monitoring.

Like all the other studio speakers in Adam’s AX Series, the A77X features the X-ART tweeter, which is located in between two 7” woofers. The ‘X’ in X-ART stands for eXtended frequency response while ART stands for Accelerating Ribbon Technology. It is said to offer a flat-frequency response up to 50kHz, and is based on the principles of Dr. Oskar Heil’s Air Motion Transformer. Basically, the tweeter functions by squeezing out the air from between the leaves of a folded ribbon, allowing them to significantly increase the surface area of the acoustic radiator without adding to the overall footprint or sacrificing frequency response.

A77X Studio Monitoring Speakers in Action

Both of the woofers are claimed to provide deep bass as well as exceptionally high maximum sound pressure levels. While both are responsible for the bass frequencies of up to 400Hz, only one of them reproduces the midrange, thereby preventing interference between the two drivers. Adam has been able to avoid the shortcomings that come with a standard crossover design, which the high retail cost of quality three-way design is often attributed to, by effectively doubling the woofer’s surface area at only the low frequencies.

Each driver is powered by its own amplifier: a 100W class-D amp for each of the woofers and a 50W class A/B amp for the X-ART tweeter.  This is a very sensible combination; class-D amplifiers are especially efficient and well suited to lower frequency amplification duties, and class A/B amplifiers provides the lowest distortion at the higher frequencies which is perfect for driving a tweeter. All of the amps are stated to handle peak levels of 50% beyond their normal rating. The A77X is also claimed to have a frequency response of 38Hz – 50kHz and a maximum SPL of 122dB, which is loud enough to blow the doors off most studios!

The power switch is on the front of the speaker, which is handy, as well as the volume control. Around the back, the panel both has balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connections.  The inclusion of RCA connectors seems unusual for a speaker aimed at the high-end studio market, indicating that Adam may also be targeting the high-end Hi-Fi market with this speaker.  The rear panel also has two shelf filters for low and high frequencies at 300 and 5kHz respectively (+/-6dB) and a tweeter level control (+/-4dB).

When it comes to sound presentation, the Adam A77X is nothing short of impressive. It uncovers the tiniest nuances in a mix and sounds great even at very low volumes. It also remains completely composed at louder volumes whilst maintaining crystal-clear sonics.

The A77X’s woofers produce a highly-detailed, accurate, natural-sounding and deep bass with no distortion. As expected, it offers more low end than the A7X, and you don’t need a subwoofer with the A77X. The midrange is also extremely detailed. Thanks to the X-ART tweeter, the highs sound crystal clear, accurate and solid, and are able to retain a sense of space and definition no matter the choice of program material.

The A77X will highlight weaknesses in a mix just as a good studio monitoring speaker should. Furthermore, even after listening to it for several hours, your ears wouldn’t feel fatigued by it, which is an indication of a clean system with no distortion and a neutral overall balance. The only minor niggle with the A77X is its narrower than usual sweet spot, which makes the A77X not ideal for cases when there is more than one critical listener within close proximity to the listening position. Also, as it is a three-way design, it does take up significantly more space than the smaller single-cone woofers, and benefits from being placed a little further from the listening position, which may not be possible in smaller studios.

Technical Specs
Woofer 7” carbon/rohacell/glass
Tweeter X-ART
Power Output 250W (50W High / 100W Low/ 100W Low)
Frequency Response 38Hz – 50KHz
Max Peak SPL 122dB
Input Impedance (Ohms)   30k Ohm
Dimensions 9.5”x21″x11″ (235x530x280mm)
Weight 22.2Lbs. (12.8kg)


Make sure that you have both Speaker A and Speaker B when you buy Adam A77X monitors, as they’re not designed to be used interchangeably. Speaker A is designed for use on the left while Speaker B is designed for use on the right, and you need to set them up in this configuration to achieve correct stereo imaging. There’s a sticker on the side of the box that says whether it’s Speaker A or B. This same information is also on the back of each speaker.

Other Feedback

In relation to my previous review of the A7X, I ask myself, are two speakers better than one? And my answer is…. yes! In my opinion at least! I think that Adam have gone a stage further with the A77X and I can’t find anything negative to say about them! After all, I do like the extra power, dynamics, detail and improved low end!”

Tony Long, Absolute Music

The A77X is an extremely impressive nearfield active monitor system that I would expect to work just as well in the midfield. It seems to me to reproduce the smallest sonic fragment with the same sense of detail, refinement and power that it brings to the lowest, loudest bass note, and that makes it an extremely accurate monitoring system.”

Bob Thomas, Sound on Sound

Conclusion have found the Adam A77X to be another really impressive active monitoring speaker from Adam.  It can accurately reproduce frequencies from low-bass frequencies to beyond the human hearing range with little to no effort, even when it’s being operated at some very serious sound pressure levels. The A77X is not a budget monitor but provides excellent value for money if you are looking for a high-end monitoring speaker system.  If you’re looking for active monitors in this price range, the A77X should be at the top of your wish list.

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9.5 Total Score
A fantastic High-End Studio Monitor

If you are looking for a high-end set of studio monitoring speakers that leaves very little to be desired, then the A77X could be just the ticket

  • Incredible sound clarity and bass across the whole frequency spectrum
  • Composed even at very high volumes
  • Honest and revealing
  • Great low-frequency extension
  • Narrow sweet spot
  • Is less suited to smaller studios
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