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Studio-Speakers.com is a website devoted to all things related to studio monitoring speakers.  We are musicians ourselves and love to write, record, and mix our own music.  We have gone out of our way to review the best studio monitoring speakers that are out there, and try to provide the most accurate and well researched articles that we can.

To keep us alive we act as affiliates to various online shops; by purchasing any of the fantastic products that we’ve reviewed on our website through the links provided, we make a small commission on these sales.  However, you’ll notice that we don’t review bad quality product; we go out of our way to review products that are the best available.  Also, we only work with reputable and well-known online shops that are renown for providing excellent customer service and product warranties.  Hence, you can rest assured that if you purchase any of the products we recommend, you should receive a first-class product and excellent customer service.

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