8331 Smart Active Monitors Join Another Country’s ‘All-Genelec Arsenal’

As an award-winning sound design studio located in the heart of Chicago, Another Country is expected to perpetually keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of the industry. And keep up it does.

For over a decade now, Genelec studio monitors have been Another Country’s choice. It was a conscious decision, according to audio designing and mixing authority Jeremy Schemm, for their Detroit facility to be “an all-Genelec facility for over 10 years.”

In delivering audio projects for automakers, consumer brands and clients from across all industries in and out of Detroit, Another Country makes it a point to test out new development and releases in the Genelec product line. Over the years, the team has embraced the innovative DSP-oriented range, such as the 8250 Smart Active Monitors and 8130 Digital Input Active Monitors. Just recently, they put the 8331 Smart Active Monitors to the test.

A part of Genelec’s The Ones range, the 8331 boasts of longer listening time, thanks to its minimized unnatural imaging feature. The massive waveguide in the dual woofers is also integrated for the purpose of dispersion control.

Designed to “adapt and assist,” Genelec’s latest Smart Active Monitor (SAM) technology, Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) application and AutoCal or proprietary auto-calibration functions in the 8331 help reduce influence and delay in mono, stereo and immersive formats while creating an optimised and controlled studio monitoring environment.

Jeremy recalls how the Genelec speakers brought out “more clarity with an extremely tighter center” and “reverb tails with a new level of depth and detail” to a Ford audio project they were working on.

“The 31s give you an extremely tight center but with space around the track; it really pulls you into the mix. You get the depth, the width, the tightness—you feel that you’re in the mix. It’s a wonderful experience,” he explains.

As far as audio translation goes, Jeremy says the Genelecs 8331 Smart Active Monitors translate across different monitor setups—from flat screens to portable devices and everything in between—without the unpleasant surprises or imbalances. The 8331s are also accurate studio monitors that don’t only deliver good connection but also make the audio elements match sonically—ultimately resulting in a smoother, more seamless workflow.

“You can be confident that you have a good product just right from the beginning and you don’t have to make up for it on the back end,” Jeremy concludes.

Having been around for almost two decades, Genelec has risen to become one of the most trusted and reliable brands of studio monitors. In fact, two of its monitoring speakers, the Genelec M030A and the Genelec M040, have made it to our list of the best monitoring speakers. You can check out the review for the mid-priced Genelec M030A monitors here while you can read the review for the Pro speakers Genelec M040 here.

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